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Jan 7, 2013
Launch of Not Your Nth Follower simulation
Mar 18, 2011
Version 1.1.0
  • Integration with TalkingPuffin Web (Shift-A to analyze user)
  • Many improvements to TalkingPuffin web
Mar 14, 2011
Dave Briccetti shows TalkingPuffin Web, including source code, at Bay Area Scala Enthusiasts. Recording
New video showing TalkingPuffin Web
Mar 6, 2011
Version 1.0
Mar 5, 2011
Experimental Web app gets new features, including word frequency analysis
Mar 1, 2011
Experimental Web app available
Feb 21, 2011
Version 1.0 Release Candidate 1
  • Tabbed pane UI from version 0.77 restored
  • Browse links in tweets in the people pane
Feb 20, 2011
Version 0.80e (Development version)
  • Fixed error preventing startup on first use
  • Misc. fixes and changes. See commit history for details.
Feb 16, 2011
Version 0.80d (Development version)

New features:

  • Show user timelines of any user(s) selected in the status or people panes

Features working again:

  • Show all unseen tweets (up to ≈800)
  • Rate limit status display
  • Save credentials for multiple users
Feb 12, 2011
Version 0.80c (Development version)

Features working again:

  • All friends and followers are fetched
  • Twitter authorization is retained between runs
Feb 7, 2011
Version 0.80b (Development version)

The conversion to the new Twitter API layer is mostly finished. Some missing pieces:

  • Lists
  • Direct Messages
  • Twitter authorization is not retained between runs
Feb 6, 2011
Dave Briccetti begins replacing the internal Twitter API layer with Twitter4J, to get OAuth support and other recent features.
Jan 11, 2010
Dave Briccetti gives a Filtering Twitter Noise talk at Bay Area Scala Enthusiasts.
Dec 26, 2009
Version 0.79b (Development version)
  • Status messages for (un)follow, (un)block, spam
  • Fix problems displaying the big version of user pictures
  • Send and display multiline tweets
Dec 11
Version 0.79a (Development version)
  • Show the screen name of the user who is retweeting
Nov 19
Dave Briccetti presents the client at Twitter Meetup
Nov 16
Version 0.78 (Development version)
  • Find users on Twitter
  • Experimental new arrangement of multiple views (do you like it better?)
  • Enlarged and separate detail panel
  • Tweets appear only in one view
  • Show the tweet streams of lists
  • Receive data from Twitter compressed, for better performance and reduced network use
Nov 9
Version 0.77
  • Support for users with large numbers of following/followers
  • New retweet views
Nov 7
Dave Briccetti gives a Filtering Twitter Noise talk at SuperHappyDevHouse 35.
Nov 5
Version 0.76
  • Tags/Lists
    • Improved display and selection of tags
    • Allowing providing a description when creating a new tag, to be used with the new descriptions on Twitter lists
    • Display the lists the user (or any person) owns or is on
  • People Pane
    • Details panel on the people pane
    • Many more menu items on the people pane
  • Noise
    • Allow muting “commented retweets,” such as Me too! RT @noisy I like noise!
Nov 1
Version 0.75, with improved filtering features (Screencast)
Oct 29
Version 0.74
Oct 21
Blog post about Lists support
Oct 20
Version 0.73
Oct 18
Version 0.72, with some support for Twitter Lists
Oct 15
Version 0.71
Oct 3
Dave Briccetti presents the client at Silicon Valley Code Camp
Oct 2
Version 0.70
Sep 5
New video of Dave Briccetti adding a “suppress non-followers” feature
Aug 26
Version 0.69
Dave Briccetti presents the client at Twitter Meetup
July 18
Version 0.68
July 17
Version 0.67
June 12
Version 0.66
May 21
Mentioned on The Java Posse podcast
May 20
Dave Briccetti presents the Scala code at the eBig Java Sig
May 19
Version 0.65
May 9
Discussion group created for developers and users
May 4
Version 0.64
Apr 23
Simple Twitter Client now called TalkingPuffin (blog post)
Apr 21
Dave Briccetti presents briefly at Silicon Valley Web Jug
Apr 10
Part of TalkingPuffin deployed on Google App Engine (blog post)
Mar 24
Version 0.51
Mar 10
Dave Briccetti presents the client at Bay Area Scala Enthusiasts at Twitter Headquarters
Version 0.4
Mar 3
Dave Briccetti presents the client—in very early form—at the Java Posse Roundup
Two friendly Norwegians join team at the Java Posse Roundup (blog post)
Feb 22
Version 0.1 (blog post)
Feb 17, 2009
Dave Briccetti starts writing a simple Twitter client in Scala (blog post)
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